Image of RÉGIMENT - On les Aura! (CD)

RÉGIMENT - On les Aura! (CD)


Régiment is a black/heavy/death metal band featuring some ambient interludes. The album features the following lineup : Isarnos - drums (Anus Mundi, Oxxo Xoox, Wormfood, Lugnasad), Marc - bass (Aorlhac, Peste Noire live), GdW (Borgia) and H. (Grylle, Hanternoz, Ê).
The album was mixed and mastered by Gnarl (Graupel , Verdunkeln, The Ruins of Beverast, Truppensturm).

The album comes with a brilliant 12-page booklet featuring all lyrics, luxuriously drawn to illustrate the songs.